Nissan Juke Crash Test

Nissan Juke Safety

The Nissan Juke has won various awards since its initial launch in 2010. In the U.S the Nissan Juke received an award from the IIHS or ‘Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’ for being the safest car of the year. The IIHS put vehicles through rigorous saftey tests and pit other cars against each other. The vehicle that came on top was the Nissan Juke!

Nissan MR Engine

Nissan Juke Engine

Nissan’s MR Engine is the basic fundamental engine used in most Nissan vehicles. Basically Nissan use variations of the MR engine depending on the build of the vehicle. The MR was built by Nissan with economical values in mind. Not only does the engine get great miles to the gallon, but it uses Nissan’s ‘Pure Drive’ dCi which is more economical and better for the environment!

Nissan Juke Door

Nissan Juke Models

The Nissan Juke Crossover has numerous model types – The Visia, Acenta, dCi Acenta and many more. Each is perfectly tailored to your needs. If your interested in an economical, environment friendly Juke then dCi Visia would fit like a glove! Maybe you want something for a bit of off-roading on a weekend but still want something practical?  The DiG-T Tekna 4WD would be the ideal choice.